Student Club Spotlight: International Student Society


One of the biggest supporters of Full Sail’s current Olympics Celebration is the International Student Society, a social organization of more than 400 international students and graduates. Members of the society have helped organize and volunteer at many of the Olympics Celebration events, including last week’s International Fair and this week’s Fun Games Day.

“Our goal is for the international students to feel like they have a family away from home, and to be able to network with students from all over the world,” says Valerie Calderone, an International Admissions Representative and one of the club’s sponsors.

The group meets about every six weeks to host a social function that allows students to network and get to know each other. The society is essentially a giant support group for students who are new to the area, for helping them get adjusted to living and studying abroad. Students interested in joining the International Student Society can request access to become a member of the group’s Facebook page.