Student Club Spotlight: Electronic Dance Music Organization


There’s a big group of students, alumni, and faculty around campus that make up Full Sail’s Electronic Dance Music Organization, or FSEDM. Some students in the club make the music, while some just simply have an appreciation for it.

The club has students from every degree program: Graphic Design students make flyers, Recording Arts students create music, Film students create promo videos, Show Pro students help set up gear at live events, and so on. Besides streaming dance podcasts on their website (along with club information and relevant news from around the scene), the club hosts a weekly show on online radio station Party95. Every Friday night at 11:59 p.m. EST, FSEDM president Ed “Luvables” Chapkowski and other club members spin underground DJ sets as part of the two-hour show.

For more information about the club or becoming a member, visit their official website or send an e-mail to