Student Club Spotlight: DIY Club

Welcome to the Student Club Spotlight, where we showcase Full Sail student clubs and organizations on campus.

The DIY Club is a progressive group for students from any month or degree program to work on projects as a team. Students take on monthly projects that offer hands-on experience, helpful insight, and a way to express creativity.

Each month, a new team elects a leader and meets to pitch an idea. They then work on that project from preproduction through distribution. But there’s a catch – students are given no equipment, no instructor help, and the project must be completed by the end of the third week, leaving the fourth for distribution.

Of course, the group does get the ability to learn throughout the whole process – not just from the DIY nature of the production, but from the insight provided by guest speakers and instructors who are there to guide students in seeing the projects come to life.

Learn more about the DIY Club by visiting their Facebook page, and check out some of the projects that the group has created on their YouTube channel.