Student Club Spotlight: Cru

Every Sunday evening, a group of students gather to share in fellowship, study the Bible, and promote a sense of community on campus. The group is Full Sail’s Campus Crusade for Christ, a local branch of the worldwide organization Cru, whose core values include faith, growth, and fruitfulness.

“Even though Cru is a Christian club,” says the school’s club president Zach Cupery, “we accept people of all faiths. We love talking and working together to gain a better understanding of who God is, for those who want to follow a God.”

The group meets on Sundays at 6:00 p.m., usually in building 3F, and focuses on four general topics: prayer, study, outreach, and events. In addition to praying for each other, family members, and friends, the group designates time to study the Bible and identify methods for inviting others into their family.

“We meet for about two hours,” Zach explains. “During that time we’ll usually go through a video blog or some scripture, and talk about what’s going on in that scripture. Then we spend some time just hanging out and getting to know each other. It’s a good way to meet other people and network.”

Cru’s international headquarters is located in Orlando, so students local to Central Florida have plenty of opportunities to become involved with the organization. “They’ve been in the process of developing a few ministry-themed apps,” Zach says. “They also do a lot of video work. Cru does all sorts of things with media arts all over the world, and it’s pretty easy to get involved with short video projects around town.”

Cru is present on over 1,140 college campuses nationwide and has partnerships with more than 1,700 churches and charitable organizations. Worldwide evangelism opportunities are regularly available for members who wish to further their engagement with the gospel. To learn more about Cru, visit

To learn more about getting involved on campus, visit Full Sail’s Cru club on Connect.



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