Student Club Spotlight: Creative Student Networking Group

One of Full Sail’s newest student clubs is the Creative Student Networking Group, which was launched in June by Entertainment Business student Jessica Northey. Open to all Full Sail students (plus students at colleges in the surrounding areas who are interested in networking), it’s a combination networking group/creative association for students looking to build friendships and find jobs after graduation.

“[Part of the club’s mission] is to meet at different artistic and entertainment venues around Central Florida and find out what’s available for creative students to enjoy off campus,” says Niki Bathke, an Entertainment Business Course Director and the club’s faculty advisor.

The club meets on the last Sunday of every month from 7 to 9 p.m. at Sleeping Moon Cafe, and the event usually includes live music and a guest speaker. The next meeting takes place this Sunday, September 30 and will feature an open mic night.

The group, although newly created, is already actively planning fundraisers and trips to local theaters and beaches. “As time goes by they hope to raise enough money to go to some places out of town,” says Niki, “maybe to check out a city that would be a great place to work, like Atlanta or Nashville.”

To join, students can join the club’s page on Connect.



2 thoughts on “Student Club Spotlight: Creative Student Networking Group

  1. Avatar shufei says:

    I think creative student networking group is really meaningful. It is a great way for us who always working with compture and internet. I want to join you, and make friends with you.

    1. The members are very welcoming 🙂

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