Strategy into Action: Full Sail’s Internet Marketing Master’s Program Prepares Students for an Ever-Changing Industry

Learn it today, act on it tomorrow. In just 12 months, Full Sail’s Internet Marketing master’s program can help you expand your professional skills.

The age of information has led to consumers who are more aware – and more inundated with choices – than ever before. Companies need to develop a strong digital presence if they hope to thrive in a competitive market. Full Sail’s Internet Marketing master’s program is aimed at working professionals looking to engage an audience and set their business apart.

“Our program is exclusively focused on digital marketing,” says program director Rob Croll. “We’re looking at consumers and trying to answer a question: How does what you do online influence what you do offline?”

Students begin with a course in leadership and personal brand development before choosing a case study to follow for the duration of the program – anything from a non-profit they admire to a company they hope to work for someday. Small business owners can even choose to study their own company or that of a competitor.

“The case study is an opportunity to learn the material by putting it into action,” says Croll. “The biggest challenge grads face is how quickly the industry changes. Our curriculum is designed around agile marketers focused on continued education. We connect them to what’s happening and teach them how to stay on top of the industry.”

This means building foundations in things like web design, analytics, new media tools, and public relations. The goal isn’t to breed advanced web designers or analysts, but rather to give students an overview of digital marketing as a whole, something that’s critical when it comes to developing a good marketing strategy.

“Halfway through, they take an advanced internet marketing course, which allows them to see how the pieces fit together to maximize productivity,” says Croll.

Another standout course is advanced search engine optimization, where students develop crucial strategies for increasing brand awareness through both organic and paid methods of SEO. It also gives students a broader understanding of consumer search habits, something Croll calls “the linchpin to modern marketing.”

Throughout the program, students build a case study portfolio, which they can present to future employers after graduation. Working professionals often find themselves applying what they learn in the program right away.

“We hope they can take something away from every class and immediately put it into action,” says Croll. “It’s one thing to learn something. It’s another to do it. By doing, an action becomes meaningful. Internet marketing isn’t just something they study; it’s something they do.”