Spotted on Campus: Students Set Up for a Concert by The Cold Start

This week we took a peek inside the Full Sail Live venue a few hours before the start of The Cold Start concert. The event, which took place on Tuesday, was part of the monthly Show Production Final Concert Series, run solely by Live Event Production students.

As part of their concert design, the students were setting up two camera jibs and incorporating set pieces to seemingly shrink the size of the stage.


“We wanted to kind of make the stage a little more intimate since it’s such a large stage. Plus the group has more of an intimate feel to them,” says Sawyer Stroud, a Show Production student and the show’s Conventional Lighting Designer.

Sawyer said the set pieces would also be part of the show. “They’re going to be lit with different lighting effects and gobos. It’s kind of cool because certain colors almost look like they’re glowing, so it has a cool effect on them.”