Spotted on Campus: Student Artists Make Art from Cardboard

Working in different mediums (paint, pencil, clay, pixels) helps artists flex their creative muscles, but Associate Course Director Paul Waijman likes to throw one more material at his students: cardboard. During his two “Cardboard Days,” students studying Computer Animation and Game Art plan and design anything they like using only cardboard, glue, and paint.

The simplicity of the medium forces students in his Methods of Design class to really consider the form and function of their designs – in this lesson, there are no intricate illustrations or color schemes to hide behind, says Waijman.

“One of the main criteria that students are graded on, outside the actual sculpture itself, is the negative space that is created by the sculpture,” says Waijman. “It really relates to design in all forms, whether one is designing a character silhouette, an interesting environmental prop, or a series of poses for an animation. By creating a more dynamic relationship between the positive and negative space in any design, in general, the overall visual aesthetic is improved.”

The Cardboard Day assignment has produced some interesting pieces, says Waijman. “We have had everything from geometric pattern-based sculptures, to topographical breakdowns of natural formations, abstract representations of characters, and most recently, a [moving] robot.”









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  1. Avatar Cierra says:

    Wow, a lot of time was spent on that work, but the students did well, it looks like a lot of fun, I think I may try that someday to pass the time. Awesome job guys.

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