Spotted on Campus: Solid State Logic’s Broadcast Demo Vehicle

Solid State Logic‘s Broadcast Equipment Demonstration Vehicle is in the middle of a three-year nationwide tour of trade shows, sports arenas, and more, and this week, it parked at Full Sail for a few hours. Parked between Full Sail Live and the Audio Temple on Wednesday, the mobile production truck gave students the chance to get some hands-on experience with the company’s C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console.

Students and staff were invited inside the soundproof and acoustically-optimized truck for brief demos on the console, which is also equipped with monitors and gear from Miranda, Genelec, RTS Comms, and Savant. If you missed the chance to swing by, you can check out more details about the truck here.



2 thoughts on “Spotted on Campus: Solid State Logic’s Broadcast Demo Vehicle

  1. Up Chirawatpongsa says:

    If I knew ahead of time about this truck. I’m sure I won’t missed it. Poor me.

    1. Luis De Gouveia says:

      Hahahaha the same about me.

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