Spotted on Campus: NBA Player Representative Travis King

These days, sports marketing is light years beyond a simple billboard in the outfield or even a TV spot by a fan favorite. Athletes are now brands – they have their own Twitter feeds and product endorsement deals, and they’re increasingly breaking into other aspects of entertainment, such as film, TV, video games, and music.

Relativity Media is a new kind of company that specializes in the convergence of sports and entertainment, with divisions that focus on professional sports management, film and television production, music management, and fashion.

Relativity Sports Vice President and NBA player representative Travis King came to campus on Thursday to talk to students about the many new opportunities, both for athletes and for graduates of Full Sail’s Sports Marketing and Media degree program.

“There’s not any other sports agencies like ours because we do film, we do TV, we do fashion,” says King. “Our marketing department is huge. You’ve got people who work on content, you’ve got filmmakers that work in our department that actually shoot all the videos that we do, we’ve got a huge social media department, broadcasting, coaching – all aspects of it.”