Spotted on Campus: Glow Sticks Add Ambience to Lighting Project


Walk into one of Full Sail’s 10 soundstages on campus, and you never what you might find. Last week we found students in the Film Lighting 2 class setting up a still shot for a project called the 10-Picture Show. To create ambience, Film student Garrett Julian was adding the contents of glow sticks to ‘drinks’ on the soundstage’s bar set.

Their assignment was to “create 10 frames that tell a story and have a story arc,” says Lighting for Film Lab Specialist Adam Johns. The students have eight hours to complete the project, and the 10 photos must include lighting that mimics both daytime and nighttime. Each project is graded on composition, lighting, staging, and art direction.

The students in the photo were working on a project called “What’s the Cost?” about a character making a deal with the devil.