Southern Rockers Blackfoot Perform at Full Sail Live [Video]

Jacksonville, Florida-based band Blackfoot was popular on the Southern Rock scene in the late ’70s and early ’80s, thanks in part to hits like “Train, Train” and “Highway Song.” Fast forward a few decades later and the band’s original lead singer, Rickey Medlocke, has assembled a new group of musicians to perform the band’s original songs under the Blackfoot moniker. Back in March, they put on a show in the Full Sail Live Venue as part of the Show Production program’s Final Project Concert event.

Every month, students in the Show Production Advanced Concert Media Design course bring a local or national act to campus, and are responsible for every aspect of putting on the show, from booking the talent to setting up the stage and running the lighting, video, and live sound equipment during the performance.

Check out Blackfoot’s performance of “Train, Train” below:



One thought on “Southern Rockers Blackfoot Perform at Full Sail Live [Video]

  1. The current version of Blackfoot is A FRAUD. Rickey Medlocke should hang his head in SHAME for stabbing his fellow band mates in THE BACK by assembling this BAND OF REPLACEMENTS. I feel so strongly about this that I authored a Website on the subject;

    “New Blackfoot band with NO ORIGINAL MEMBERS?”

    Accessible Here;
    [ ]

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