Sound Designer/Full Sail Grad Ric Viers Returns to Campus

It wasn’t too long ago that Full Sail Film grad Ric Viers visited campus (he was here in June during Hall of Fame week), but the sound designer recently returned to talk to students in Full Sail Live 1 about the world of sound in film.

Ric is known throughout the industry as the largest independent provider of sound effects to the movie, television, radio, and video game industries. His sound effects publishing company Blastwave FX provides the entertainment industry with thousands upon thousands of sounds that are used throughout all kinds of media. Operating out of his own Detroit Chop Shop post-sound production facility, Ric is constantly sharpening his craft and creating new assets for his sound libraries. He’s also the author of the aptly-titled Sound Effects Bible.

After talking a bit about his line of work and showing students examples of his techniques via video and still photos from one of his latest film shoots, Ric opened up the floor for a brief Q&A session with Film and Recording Arts students.