Social Scene Ambassadors Help Unite Online Students [Student Club Spotlight]

One of the biggest requests that Music Business Department Chair Gale Newbold and her fellow faculty members have heard in the past year is that online students wish they had a better way to connect with their fellow online classmates.

“It started with online students saying, ‘Hey, I’d like to get to know Full Sail students in my geographical area that I can study with, network with, and host events with,'” says Gale. “So we said, ‘Okay, let’s see who’s out there and who would be interested.”

Enter the Social Scene Ambassadors, a new club made up of online students across the country. Selected students in their respective cities serve as Ambassadors and are responsible for organizing networking events for other Full Sail online students who live in the same area. While the club is mostly made up of Entertainment Business and Music Business students now, students from all degree programs are welcome to join.

social scene map“We selected Social Scene Ambassadors in various areas based on GPA and professionalism,” says Gale. “And some areas have more than one person. For example, in Los Angeles, we have three ambassadors.”

So far these Ambassadors have reached out to online students in their area (either via Connect or by creating their own Facebook pages) and have started to set up events and meet-ups in their cities. Orlando’s Social Scene Ambassador set up an open-mic night at Sleeping Moon Cafe late last year, which gave campus students the opportunity to network with online ones. According to Gale, the main purpose of the Social Scene Ambassadors is to give Full Sail online students a connection with each other, so they can create relationships that will sustain them and help them throughout their time in – and after – college.

“It’s mostly been the kind of events where students meet up in local cafes and coffeehouses,” says Gale, “to start getting to know each other.”

The club currently has Ambassadors in 18 cities across the U.S. (the map above highlights those cities), and they hope to continue to expand in 2014. Students can join the Social Scene Ambassadors by signing up on Connect.



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