Social Media Marketing Company Thuzi Visits Campus

Social media has without a doubt changed the way in which we all communicate with one another. And with the rapid-fire dispersement of information constantly being generated via mobile applications, Twitter, Facebook, and more, businesses that aim to utilize social media to get their message out there are in great need of designers, programmers, and developers who can keep up with the pace and still create engaging content.

That need was part of the reason why social media marketing company Thuzi recently visited Full Sail. With immediate openings in their department for mobile developers, designers, and programmers, the Tampa-based business came to campus in search of new talent looking to join the Thuzi team.

Thuzi has worked with a variety of clients (including Outback Steakhouse, the Chicago Bears, Toyota, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and Microsoft), crafting campaigns, contests, and other promotions that stem directly from social networks and other online presences. Representatives from the company spoke to students about their work environment, the company’s philosophy, and the specific traits they look for when hiring new employees. After the classroom presentation, they spoke with students and accepted resumes for their open positions.