Six Son Concert at Full Sail Live

Full Sail Show Production students recently put together a concert in the Full Sail Live Venue as part of the Show Production Final Concert Series. Miami-based Latin jazz group Six Son were the artists to take the stage this month for the free event. The group has worked alongside notable artists such as Celia Cruz, Albita Rodriguez, and Natalie Cole.

As part of the Advanced Concert Media Design course, these monthly concerts are produced solely by students, with help from volunteers and with guidance from Full Sail faculty. Students are responsible for contacting the bands, doing all pre-production work involved with putting on a large format concert, transporting and setting up gear, and setting up and running the lighting, video, and live sound equipment.

Members of the student crew function in various production positions, including show marketing, production management, stage management, visual media, audio, video, and lighting technicians and engineers.