Show Us Your Desk: Film grad Megan Mason (Production Coordinator at BRW USA)

  • Grad: Megan Mason
  • Program/Graduation Date: Film/2009
  • Job Title/Company: Production Coordinator/BRW USA

Film graduate Megan Mason is a production coordinator at BRW USA in Santa Monica, California, an independent film and video studio that specializes in developing commercials, public service announcements, documentaries, and short films. Megan has been with the company since May 2010, where she’s been managing their production schedule and creative resources, including booking projects, developing budgets, and arranging hotel and travel plans for talent.

“I love to have my hand dipped in everything,” she says. “That’s really what made me interested in production, you have to know what’s going on with everything at the office every day.”

Taking a break from her busy schedule, Megan recently shared photos of her office to give us an idea of a typical day at BRW as she helps coordinate projects for their clients.

Here’s a view of my desk, and yes, I sit on a yoga ball. Behind that is a status update board for our directors. I had to blur out a few things because of sensitive information, but at least you can see how hectic my life is here!


This one is of our production office where we are currently wrapping a Chevy job and are prepping for a John Deere Job. So much to do in one room!


Here is me answering a call in the lobby for a job we are bidding on. I was asked to find a location and this person I am talking to was calling me back about rates and availability.


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