Show Production Students Show Off Their Skills at Weekly Live Labs

There’s at least one concert a week happening over in Full Sail Live 1, and while they may not be publicized, they’re pretty close to the real deal. The concerts are part of the Show Production program’s Live Labs, four-hour sessions that give students in courses in the later months of the program the opportunity to take the audio, lighting, and video skills they’ve learned in class and put them to work.

Under the guidance of instructors, the 18-student crew is responsible for setting up the stage and the lighting rig, managing, producing, and recording the concert, and striking everything at the end of the night. Students work as front-of-house engineers, monitor engineers, broadcast engineers, light and camera operators, and video directors during the performance.

The bands are booked through Full Sail’s Artist Relations department, and in return for playing a set, they receive a live CD and DVD of their performance.

“The CD and DVD are both mixed by the students [who work the Live Lab],” says Dale Rock, the Director of Full Sail’s Artist Relations department. “The entire performance is shot in a live broadcast style format, meaning if you were to turn on your TV, it’s exactly what you would see on a live show. All of the cuts are done on the fly during the lab. It’s a really neat process.”

While these Live Labs are mandatory and part of the curriculum for students in later Show Production courses (they have two Live Labs per month), students new to the program are invited to attend and shadow the older students. It’s a great opportunity to get a head start and a preview of what’s to come in the program.

“I started going when I first got to school, and the older students were very helpful with getting us involved right away,” says Will Whitney, a Show Production student and president of Full Sail’s Show Production Club. “It was pretty cool to see how the students were taking time to help us out and start showing us around.”

Show Production students interested in volunteering at a Live Lab should check Connect for schedules or email Will at



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  1. Avatar Damián Esparza says:

    Show Production is a degree program very enjoyed because the student make several events as projects. Must be great practice in Fulls Sail Live Building because there are all the tools for improve the skills in show production. I like so much the statement about the Full Sail’s bands can book for perform and in return for playing a set, they’d receive a live CD and DVD of their performance, I have music and I am founding a band when we’re ready for perform I’ll get in touch for perform.

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