Show Production Students Light Up the Room with a Hippo

Show Production students in the Concert Media Design course recently got the chance to work with the Hippotizer Media Server during a classroom lab session. The Hippotizer – commonly referred to as “the Hippo” – has been used to elevate the show production of a wide range of live settings, including concerts, theatre, television, corporate events, and more.

Students were able to play, composite, and edit visual images in real time, a practice that’s typically applied to LED video walls and projectors in live show environments. Throughout their lab, students were also shown how to wrap and warp the projected image onto curved surfaces, blend multiple projectors into one large image, and pixel map LED lighting fixtures.

“Full Sail is the first to teach media server programming with the Hippotizer,” said Concert Media Design Lab Specialist Adam Stachow. “The lab environment we offer gives each student access to their own Hippotizer and allows them to experiment and produce with their own creativity.”

Students take what they learn in the Concert Media Design course and apply it in their next – and final – course of the program, Advanced Concert Media Design, using what they’ve learned to design, program and execute their Final Project in the Full Sail Live Venue.