Show Production Final Project Welcomes Jorge Luis Chacín

Each month, graduating Show Production students come together to produce a live event as part of their final Project and Portfolio VII course. It’s often an emotional moment—where the outgoing cohort bands together to showcase all they’ve learned in the previous 20 months—and students usually walk away feeling a sense of community and accomplishment at a job well done. This month, that sense was amplified, as students welcomed Venezuelan artist Jorge Luis Chacín.

Around six o’clock last Tuesday night, a small group of gathered outside Full Sail’s Live Venue, arranging themselves in a way that loosely approximated order. A few hovered close to the glass doors, while other sat on benches nearby. By six thirty, the group had pulled itself into a proper line. By seven, that line snaked around the building. Soon, the crowd swelled to over 240 people—the largest audience of any Project and Portfolio show to date.


The singer/songwriter got his big break performing with renowned Venezuelan supergroup Guaco in the early 90’s. While a member, Jorge wrote and performed some of the band’s biggest hits of that era, including many of the songs on the critically acclaimed 1995 release Archipelago. As a composer and producer he’s worked with a multitude of Latin artists including Prince Royce, Tito Nieves, Thalia, David Bustamante, and more.

Jorge’s journey to Full Sail was facilitated by Entertainment Business grad Alejandro Vicuna, who works as a Corporate Manager at Miami-based production company Reset TV.

“One of the students from the Show Production program called me, because he knows I work with a lot of Latin artists,” recalls Alejandro. “He asked if I knew anybody based in Miami who would be interested in performing for this final project show. I called [Jorge] and proposed the project. Right away, he was very excited. He jumped right in.”


The concert, which was also recorded by Full Sail students, will be released as a special live concert film in the coming months.

“Having the chance to work with musicians of this caliber, who have toured with major Latin artists all over the world, was truly an amazing experience,” says Andres Alzate, who served as Video Director for the project. “We all really pushed ourselves to try to create a great show, not only for the band and the audience, but for ourselves. Every single department came together to achieve a multimedia experience with a high production value.”

After playing for an hour, Jorge treated the audience to an encore performance of his song ‘Canta,’ an energetic dance number. The song struck a chord with many Venezuelans in the audience in light of the political unrest and violent protests that have plagued the country for more than a year. As members of the audience rose to their feet, a group seated in the front row held up a Venezuelan flag in a show of solidarity and national pride. Speaking to what he hoped those unfamiliar with Venezuelan music took away from the performance, Jorge pointed to some of the core attributes of the music in correlation with the indomitable spirit of the people.

“It is a music full of hope, of joy, energy, and happiness,” he said.

JLCVenezuelan Flag



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