Should I study online or on Full Sail’s campus?

Since many of Full Sail’s degree programs are offered both on campus and online, it can often be difficult for some students to decide which platform is right for them. As far as what you’ll learn, many programs cross over to each platform with very few differences. Students primarily adhere to the same class schedule, with a few modifications to ensure that each experience is appropriate for the delivery of the program.

“You’re basically going to get the exact same curriculum from the exact same faculty,” says Luis Garcia, Vice President of Full Sail Online. “Usually the versions on campus have about four additional courses that you don’t get online because they use certain gear only available in our labs. But when it comes to your experience, the interaction and connection is as strong online as it is on campus.”

Ultimately it’s a matter of which learning environment fits your personality and lifestyle. Some choose to come to our Central Florida campus to attend classes because they believe that’s the best type of learning environment for them. Others choose to take their degrees online because they can focus better in that format, want to maintain a full-time job, or have family commitments.

“I believe that we’ve made these programs as seamless as possible, so each is a great option,” Garcia says. “We have online and campus platforms that both lend themselves to different types of students out there, and are supported by educators that can deliver a great education either way you decide to go.”