September’s 3D Arts Demo Reel Presentations [Video]

Each month during graduation, demo reels from the most recent Computer Animation and Game Art grads are showcased on a continuous loop in FS3B-Room 113 for students and families to check out. If you missed last month’s showcase, here are a few of the reels that were featured:

Luke Gonet, Shading and Lighting

Sara Maneval, Shading and Lighting

Derek Miller, Shading and Lighting

Yamil Narvaez, Animation

Alex Roberts, Rigging

Darren Teo, Animation



2 thoughts on “September’s 3D Arts Demo Reel Presentations [Video]

  1. I like how these 3D’s look, its like a painting with life, or more like, really real ! , i would like to enroll here, i hope, after finishing computer science school 🙂

  2. Avatar Heinz says:

    Wow you people gave me another reason to study animation. I’m so in love with this carrier. The things you do are amazing. I’m about to start my carrier and I’m so exited.

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