Sennheiser Hosts Sound Academy Seminar on Campus

In the world of film and video, sound can often get the short end of the stick. Though the role that audio plays in making a successful professional production is nothing short of crucial, it’s a subtle art – and one that unfortunately can get overlooked by novices working under a tight budget.

Full Sail recently hosted National Market Development Manager David Missall from audio company Sennheiser for a Sound Academy seminar in Full Sail Live 1. During his fast-paced presentation, Missalll – who has provided troubleshooting support and RF wireless solutions for broadcast networks and organizations such as CNN, ESPN, Univision Network, CBS, and NASCAR – gave students some of his techniques to ensure great sound on shoots.

With plenty of Sennheiser demonstration gear with him onstage, Missall spoke on a variety of topics, including microphone pickup patterns, choosing the best interview microphone, tips and tricks for eliminating unwanted noise during production, and knowing when to use a lapel microphone.

The seminar also allowed audience members to practice microphone placement in a mock scene and actually record and play back the results. Throughout his presentation, Missall also answered questions from students about Sennheiser’s products, different production techniques, and more.