Scary Student Films to Keep You Up At Night

Halloween is upon us, and it seems like everywhere we turn there are ghouls, spooks, and things that go bump in the night. There’s no shortage of films that cater to thrill seekers, and the work coming out of our Film degree programs is no exception. From creepy baker boys to good old fashioned blood and guts, our students and grads know what makes for spine tingling cinema. To celebrate this most suspenseful season, we’ve put together a playlist of Full Sail student films guaranteed to electrify your senses.

River Valley
Written and Directed by Kandace Krystle Rakestraw and Mike Grand
Loosely based on the true story of serial killer Robert Hansen, this suspense thriller tells the tale of a local bar owner who harbors a gruesome secret obsession.

Lou’s Bed & Breakfast
Written by Andrew Kutcher
Directed by Nick Pinto and Andrew Kutcher
A careless young man finds himself stranded at a remote bed and breakfast, where the eccentric owner isn’t what she seems to be.

Birthday Boy
Directed by Josef Lorenzo
Written by Ryan Cullinae
In this dark fable, a young boy discovers the true meaning of friendship after his birthday wish takes an unsettling turn.

Directed by Matt Gallitelli
Written by Eliseo Salgado
A childless couple must guard a secret against a pair of inquiring detectives, as strange occurrences plague their town.

Nothing Owed
Directed by Colton Moyer
Written by Chris Ingraham
A young man is drawn into a dangerous game when his convict brother rolls into town.

For more student films (both scary and non), check out our YouTube channel.