‘Rock of Ages’ Features 11 Full Sail Grads

It’s hard not to be curious about a film boasting a leather-clad Tom Cruise belting out 80s hits like “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Paradise City,” and music fans looking for something different this summer should check out today’s new release Rock of Ages.

The film is an adaptation of the hit stage musical, which is set during the height of 80s hair metal, and features Cruise as an aging rock icon along with co-stars Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Russell Brand, and more. Part film, part rock concert, it was an ambitious production for the cast and crew, and we were excited to learn that 11 Full Sail graduates were credited on the project.

These alumni worked in various roles on Rock of Ages, and on location as a production assistant during its shoot in Miami, Florida was Film grad Jorge Luis German. Jorge has worked in the area’s film and television industry since graduating in 2009, and spoke with us about his part on the big budget musical.

“It’s the largest project I’ve seen down here in Miami,” he says. “The variety of actors on it was insane, and just to be able to meet guys like Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin was unbelievable. I also grew up doing theater so it was cool seeing the huge dance numbers and concert sequences the choreographers staged.”

Rock of Ages is steeped in the music and culture of the time period, and as a fan of both the 80s and the genre, Jorge explained that audiences are in for a refreshing change of pace in a season typically dominated by action films.

“The 80s were one of the coolest decades, and there’s a lot of people out there who are really going to dig this,” he says. “The movie looks great, and the music really sticks in your head. It’ll be just an awesome time in the theater.”

The 11 Full Sail graduates who contributed to the film are:

  • Shawn ‘Bigwheel’ Bidwell (Film; painter)
  • Andrew Campbell (Film; set production assistant)
  • Rona Cohen (Film; assistant to Tom Cruise)
  • Justin Dec (Film; set production assistant)
  • George P. Gakoumis Jr. (Film; painter)
  • Jorge Luis German (Film; production assistant)
  • Sean Lunski (Film; second assistant camera)
  • Logan Polizzotti (Film; rigger)
  • Philip Rosado (Computer Animation; lead integration artist)
  • Brian Swanson (Film; epk sound)
  • Jason C. Villella (Film; rigging electric)