Register for the Global Game Jam

Gamers, prepare to jam. The Global Game Jam is next weekend (January 27-29), and Full Sail University is acting as a local host for the worldwide event.

GGJ brings game developers together to join teams and create a game within a straight 48-hour block. Programmers, designers, content developers, testers, and general game enthusiasts are welcome to participate.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this gaming experience, register with Full Sail by email and include the following information:

Subject Line: “Global Game Jam”
Name: first, last, and your gaming moniker
Role: would you like to participate as a programmer, a content developer (artist/audio engineer), or as support (designer/tester/enthusiast)?
Email: Yes, you send this by email so the information is technically already there, but the organizers have asked that you include it in the body of your message as it is easier to obtain.
Phone: It’s extremely unlikely that you will be contacted by phone, but the access might prove useful.

Participants will be contacted via email with confirmation within 48 hours of registration.

Once you’ve registered with Full Sail, head over to the official GGJ site for additional registration and information.

For more details about the Global Game Jam, visit their website.