Recording Facility Studio B Gets an Upgrade

Recording Arts students may have noticed some construction in and around Studio B over the last month and a half: The audio team has been working to upgrade the recording equipment inside. Upgrades were finished this week and the SSL-9000J console that once was housed in the studio has now been replaced by a brand new, 64-channel API Vision analog surround sound console.

“It’s a fully-loaded console, with as pure as a signal flow as you can get and EQ compressors and pre-amps on every channel” says Advanced Session Recording Course Director Darren Schneider. “Our live recording space is very ambient and live, and this console sonically really does make that sound better.”

While the Duality console in the Audio Temple is a digital-analog hybrid, the API Vision is completely analog, which isn’t too common these days. With the rise of home studios, the investment in a completely analog console is a substantial one. But according to Darren, Full Sail’s goal is to give students exposure to all different aspects of recording. “If you ever hear someone say they want a vintage sound, it’s going to be this console,” says Darren.

Deciding on the right console wasn’t a quick one: a small team of Audio faculty members pored over several options for months before flying to Tennessee late last year to test out several different consoles at Nashville studios. The team decided on the API Vision Console, which was delivered to Full Sail on January 2. Audio staff members have spent January putting everything together, integrating the speakers, and re-wiring the room, which included having to rip out the floor to install wider wire troughs.

Darren is spending this week training faculty members on the console, and Recording Arts students in the Session Recording and Advanced Session Recording courses will get to begin using it next month.



2 thoughts on “Recording Facility Studio B Gets an Upgrade

  1. Up Chirawatpongsa says:

    I can’t wait to get into Recording Arts program. I need a hands-on experience though. I want to play around this console!

  2. can i have the ssl? lol when i went through recording program this one was my favorite. the instructor told me this board was from LA and that it mixed korn’s first 2 albums among others.

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