Recording Arts Grad Ross Lara Discusses Music Production and Entrepreneurism

Ross Lara has been keeping busy the past few years. The world traveler, who jokes that he currently lives at an airport out of Breckenridge, stopped by Full Sail last week to talk to students about his life in the music industry.

Ross has had a successful career as a producer, writer, and engineer, having worked with the likes of Paul Oakenfold, BT, and various K-Pop sensations. In 2014, the Recording Arts grad became Co-founder and CEO of Archipelago Entertainment. The company is dedicated to the production of outstanding musical recordings, developing artists, and marrying the world of music and technology with worldwide adventures. Their vision is to fuse memorable songwriting, cutting edge technology, and outdoor adventures while creating infectious visual and marketing campaigns for all projects.

Striving to surround yourself with good people and having the right team is important [when starting your own company],” said Ross. “You really want to find people who believe in what you believe in, and those types of people will work with you for any type of paycheck, even it there’s not a paycheck at first.”

Ross urged students to research areas of the industry they are interested in, whether those experiences include networking, cold calling, or knowing your industry as far as where the particular work goes. “It’s important to tastefully put yourself out there in a very confident way,” said Ross. “Whatever you want to do or be, you need to find ways to differentiate yourself and have a unique edge.”



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