Recent Media Design MFA grads were named “Students to Watch” by ‘Graphic Design USA’ magazine

Chris Tripputi (left) and Amy Jackson were named 'Students to Watch' by Graphic Design USA

Recent Media Design MFA graduates Amy Jackson and Chris Tripputi graduated in December 2011 and January 2012, respectively, and both were included in the January 2012 issue of Graphic Design USA as Students to Watch in 2012.

Graphic Design USA is a national trade publication, so this has given our program and the school some excellent publicity,” said Media Design MFA Program Director Don Larson. He said the students were both highly regarded for their work while in the program and that Jackson received the Advanced Achievement Award at her graduation.

Both grads said they love print design and brand and logo development.

“Conducting market research, sketching and ultimately putting a creative plan into place for a client are the things I love the most,” said Tripputi.

Jackson said she felt humbled to be part of the Students to Watch in 2012 issue. “Studying other designers’ portfolios always causes me to review my own work and find where I could improve or expand my style to be a more well-rounded designer,” said Jackson. “I hope I bring something to the table that inspires others in return so that I can grow from being a student ‘to watch’ to a designer they ‘can’t miss!’”