‘Prometheus’ Features the Work of Grads at Luma Pictures

After more than 30 years director Ridley Scott has returned to the iconic fiction he created in 1979’s Alien with his latest feature Prometheus, hitting theaters today. Little is know about the film’s connection with the original series outside of a few teases, but what’s obvious from the trailers are the breathtaking visuals that sci-fi fans will be treated to.

A number of top effects houses helped to craft that look, including Luma Pictures in Santa Monica, CA, where five Full Sail graduates contributed to the film’s post-production.

This crew included H Haden Hammond (sequence supervisor), Brent Hensarling (tech), Justin Johnson (compositing supervisor), Joey Sila (compositor), and Chris “Safari” Sosebee (asset artist) – all of who previously worked on another of this summer’s blockbusters, The Avengers.

As a fan of the Alien series, the opportunity to be a part of Prometheus was a unique treat for H Haden Hammond, who spoke to us briefly about his work before the film’s release. “It was already one of the movies I was most looking forward to seeing this summer, so I’m glad we got to play a small part,” he says. “It’s going to be a very cool movie.”