Poll: Should Twitch Sell to Google?

The prospect of Google buying any company is enough to make headlines, and a new rumor circulating suggests that the Internet giant is in negotiations to pick up the popular gaming site Twitch. While it might not be a household name on the scale of YouTube, the service offers a similar streaming video resource dedicated to gaming.

Twitch launched in 2011 and is home to proprietary livestreams of people from around the world playing through video games old and new – sports games, first person shooters, MMO’s, and more. Twitch viewers can watch clips from top players to learn gameplay strategies, discover secrets, or just to get a preview of a new title before buying it.

While the service may seem to appeal to a niche group, Twitch boasts 45 million visitors each month, positioning it as one of the most popular sites to emerge in recent years. The players that stream their game videos also pull in a profit from subscribers, making a potential Google acquisition an interesting prospect for e-sports competitors – especially when you factor in their ownership of YouTube.

But what do you think? Should Twitch stay independent, or would a Google/YouTube merger help to increase the legitimacy of gaming as a professional outlet?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Should Twitch Sell to Google?

  1. Avatar LeMike65 says:

    I really don’t see why not. Twitch is a success and Google is no less of that either. Google already has Youtube (I believe) and having Twitch might have some extra features like streaming through Twitch and Youtube at the same time, plus saving the videos in one location to benefit the user.

    All in all, this could lead to great features and innovation.

  2. Avatar Sky Copeland says:

    Google should just buy every internet company. Because you know, features?

    1. Avatar disqus_oGRSTP5m2D says:

      I think it’s time to put on a tinfoil hat, you are paranoid as fuck….

  3. Avatar disqus_oGRSTP5m2D says:

    This poll isn’t going to deter google or twitch from doing this transaction and FS knows it. Just trying to get more traffic on their website and stir something that isn’t there.

  4. Avatar Brian K.J. says:

    I agree about the features that Google could bring to the website. However, I’m afraid that they might turn it into a website that streams all kinds of things, instead of only games. So, I think they should leave it alone.

  5. Avatar Mino Rothe says:

    I like use twitch because it’s the app that the gamers love because it’s like the news but only about games and I think if Google buy twitch is going to be great

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