Poetry Club Invites People to Read Their Work Aloud [Student Club Spotlight]

Poets and spoken word aficionados take note: there’s a new poetry club on campus called the Noetic Nobles. The club meetings are centered around poetic expression, although students and staff are encouraged to bring poetry, short fiction (less than 1,000 words), or even song lyrics to be read aloud. The club meets during the third week of every month, and meetings last two to three hours.

“Noetic Nobles is a poetry appreciation club,” says Creative Writing for Entertainment Course Director Tom Lucas, the club’s faculty advisor and a poet in his own right. “The main goal is to give people an opportunity to read their own poetry in front of a small crowd. There are a lot of people who are interested in doing something like that but get a little nervous about performing, so it’s a place for people to get used to it and hopefully branch out and do some things around town.”

The club is the brainchild of Kyle DAmico, a student in the Creative Writing for Entertainment degree program. Kyle, the club’s president, is also a columnist for The Navigator, an online magazine that helps students learn about student clubs. In particular, Kyle says he wanted people to learn to feel good about sharing their creative works.

“I’ve noticed throughout the program that a lot of people have a big problem reading in front of people. I want people to feel really comfortable doing it because you should be really proud of your work,” says Kyle “Nobody should feel ashamed.”

To check the date of the club’s next meeting, contact the Noetic Nobles.