Phil Pallen: If You Brand It, They’ll Demand It

World-renowned brand strategist and Entertainment Business master’s grad Phil Pallen visited Full Sail in October for a discussion with students on how to successfully create your own personal brand. Phil is a Los Angeles-based brand strategist who helps his clients  – from contestants on Dancing with the Stars to entrepreneurs on Shark Tank – enhance their competitive edge through a strategic online presence.

Phil’s keys to building a successful brand? Position, build, and promote. “The ironic part about personal branding is that it’s not about you, it’s about others,” said Phil. “What you do for others is what we can turn into a business.”

Phil explained how brands are struggling to compete for their audience’s attention, specifically millennials who no longer respond to traditional marketing tactics. Companies are looking for employees who can take their social media skills and turn them into brand marketing, said Phil.

“I learned everything I needed to know at Full Sail in order to start my own company, and the curriculum here is set up pretty smart because you get an intense overview of all these different areas that you could specialize in,” said Phil.

Phil’s talk continued with a short exercise where he had students pair up in teams of two and timed them for one minute each while they explained their personal brand to their partner. At the end of that minute, the listening party had to explain what they had learned about their partner’s brand in one sentence. Exercises like these can really help someone really narrow down the scope of their brand, because as Phil said “there are character limits for a reason.”

“The best online branding is when we recreate the in-person experience as closely as possible,” said Phil.

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