Outstanding Educators Recognized in PROPS Awards

In an effort to recognize some of the outstanding contributions of our educators, Full Sail University held its 1st annual PROPS award ceremonies last week.

Outstanding Educator and Excellence awards were given to 12 instructors representing our six academic schools: Graduate Studies, Undergraduate Business, Liberal Studies, Visual Arts, Audio Arts, and Design and Technology. There was also a Navigator award given to a top contributor from one of our education support teams.

Educators in each degree program were also recognized for the following award categories: Academic Innovation, Community Involvement, Creative Contribution, and Leadership Contribution.

The winners were nominated by their peers, and the PROPS program received more than 1,200 nominations between July 2012 and July 2013.

“Full Sail’s greatest asset has always been our people. Without these talented, successful, mentor leaders, our students’ dreams could not be nurtured and fulfilled,” says Angelique Smith, Faculty Affairs and Development Director.

The 2013 PROPS winners were as follows:

Graduate Studies

Outstanding Educator Award: Shawn Stafford
Excellence Award: Roxanne DeLeon

Undergraduate Studies

Outstanding Educator Award: Heather Torres
Excellence Award: Jenny Morrison

Liberal Studies

Outstanding Educator Award: Alex Rister
Excellence Award: Nicole Chapman

Visual Arts

Outstanding Educator Award: Grover Austin
Excellence Award: Jamie Myers

Audio Arts

Outstanding Educator Award: Todd Childress
Excellence Award: Pamela Siegall

Design and Technology

Outstanding Educator Award: Shawn Rinehart
Excellence Award: Carson Wampler

Education Support

Navigator Award: Anna Gemmati

Academic Innovation Awards

Cassandra Willard, Shawn Stafford, Paul Kegel, Elena Rogalle, David Painter, James Jessup, Ken Cossin, Dave MacDonald, George McNeilly, Christopher Ramsey, Rachelle Fox, Ryan Enger, Corin Rombach, Mike Dunn, Gina Thompson, Jennifer E. Miller, Andrew Garraway, Emily Wray, Bryon Pickel, Brian Smithers, Brent Hughes, Jessica Dunbar, Suzanne M. Johnson, Zachary Hiwiller, Rodney Stoeffler, Victoria McNichol, John Cabibbo

Community Involvement Awards

Roxanne DeLeon, Nicholas Carver, Shawn Stafford, Paul Kegel, Jake Johnson, Adam Baldowski, Meredith Cochie, Jamie Elasick, Carol Cox, Gale Newbold, Kathryn Stuart, Carol Chiodini, Julie Anne Wright, Joshua Begley, Olivia Destrades-Mendoza, Joy Lin, William Barnett, Katie Ross, Kyle Frazer, Phil Bergquist, Keith Lay, Nat Carpenter, Shawn McKeown, Matthew Tardiff, James Walker, Justin Gallo, Michelle Gaudette, Orcun Tagtekin

Creative Contribution Awards

David Butler, Bartley Argo, Heather Torres, Elizabeth Neff, RaeLynn McAfee, James Miller, Rebekah Lane, Rosemeire Johnstone, Robert Wawoe, Mike Dunn, Bob Perry, Jeff Planck, Michael Schiciano, Darren Schneider, Keith Wilkinson, Shawn Rinehart, Henry Nophsker, Sabrina Wood, Gus Hernandez

Leadership Awards

Dan Siegel, Christy Foley, Gerard Merritt, Donald Lipham, Kerry Gorgone, Bartley Argo, David Painter, Victoria Hernandez, Genon Murray, Jennifer Morrison, Christopher Woodward, Thomas Lucas, Allen Gorney, Chiara Ojeda, Lionel Jacques, Jamie Vega, Marc Shapins, Libby Perry, TJ Doctor, Jason Gillett, Greg McCandless, Todd Childress, John Sheldon, Holly Earhart, Shirley Ramirez, Christina Kadinger, Jason Hinders, Josh Donlan, Chris Burke