October’s Game Project Final Presentations [Play]

Last week, two teams from Studio Five A Piece presented demos of their final game projects during the Game Project Final Presentations in the Full Sail Live Venue.

The Bad Thief (pictured above), created by Team Nic A Time, is a platformer game where players are thieves who just stole a large amount of valuables from a palace and must avoid obstacles and traps (like lasers and guards) to escape.

In Detente (the work of Team Gestalt), the player is a Russian spy sneaking around an American base, trying to steal top secret documents without getting caught. Players must use shadows, sounds, and other gadgets to advance levels.

Both teams are made up of Game Art, Game Development, and Game Design students who graduated from their programs in October. To watch a demo or download and play the games yourself, head over to the Game Project Web Portal.