November’s Game Project Final Presentations [Play]

Last week, three teams from Monumental Studios presented demos of their final game projects during the Game Project Final Presentations in the Full Sail Live Venue. The teams are made up of Game Art, Game Development, and Game Design students who graduated from their programs in November.

Besides the normal crowd of classmates, faculty, and family members, a group of 21 developers from EA Sports Tiburon was also in attendance. The group, which included nine Full Sail grads, stuck around afterwards for an informal networking session and meet and greet in the back of the Venue. Information on each of the three games is below; you can watch demos or download and play each of them over at the Game Project Web Portal.

  • Wake: Combat simulation takes place inside of a shopping mall where up to four players fight to be the last one standing.
  • Elementary Escapade (pictured): In this on the rails shooter game, players must navigate a plane around an obstacle-riddled classroom with the goal of ringing the bell to free the students.
  • Over Grown: Players must fight through an abandoned city over run with plants to destroy the infestation and return the city back to normal.



2 thoughts on “November’s Game Project Final Presentations [Play]

  1. Avatar DeShaun Lanier says:

    This is a cool game

  2. Avatar Nicole Thomas says:

    Yay! Thanks for writing this! FM was an amazing film to get to work on. The crew and directors were fabulous!

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