New ‘Fluid Fridays’ Workshop Focuses on Inspiration from the Ordinary

One of the latest workshops in the Fluid Fridays series – Show Me How, Pinterest! – aims to get students working with their hands by creating craft projects using traditional materials in unconventional ways.

Digital Arts & Design Course Director Lesley Silvia began the workshop by giving examples of projects she’s previously worked on – including a Halloween decoration that evolved from PVC pipe into a submarine, and tea party china made from floral design cutouts that were decoupaged onto clear plastic plates.

Students were given an array of supplies to choose from and were told to use Pinterest as inspiration for what they might create. The goal was to teach students how to work on visual problem solving, whether that problem was a financial issue or a time issue.

“I suggested they write learning from failure as a step in their process so that they didn’t see it as a last step to be avoided at all costs,” said Lesley. “It’s not about forcing something into an end product.”

If you’re interested in attending one of these events in the future, be sure to check out the schedule for January 2017 on Connect. The events are also streamed online, and although they are not recorded the workshops tend to repeat every three to four months.