New Creative Writing Club Open to All Students [Student Club Spotlight]

You don’t have to be a Creative Writing student to want to become a better writer, which is why students from across all of Full Sail’s degree programs are invited to join the new Creative Writing Club.

“Our hope was to create an organization where students could pursue education in areas of creative writing that are not specifically covered in other degree programs here at Full Sail,” says Robin Buda, an Associate Course Director in the English Department, who along with fellow Associate Course Director Nicole Oquendo, serves as the Faculty Advisor for the club. If you’re a Recording Arts student and you want to write better lyrics, or a Game Design Master’s student who wants to create more believable characters, the Creative Writing Club can benefit you.

“The Creative Writing Club is not a club for creative writers,” says Creative Writing for Entertainment student Michael Liesch, the club’s Vice President. “It’s for creators who happen to write.”

Any type of writing is welcome in the club and members meet once a month to workshop each other’s writing or take part in training sessions on specific writing techniques. Beyond that, special bi-monthly meetings include guest seminars and group outings. Recently, a group of students traveled to the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, where they perused the work and did a freewriting activity on a piece of art they felt affected by.

And of course, there are job-related benefits to becoming a better writer as well. “An underlying message this club teaches is a sense of confidence and community,” says club president and Recording Arts student Corey Ouillette. “Having that innate ability to be confident and personable will provide the backbone to whatever successes participants choose to pursue.”

Campus students interested in joining the Creative Writing Club can sign up via Connect.

“The club is for students, and it will be whatever they need it to be to best suit their needs,” says Nicole. “Fun and learning don’t have to be separate.”



5 thoughts on “New Creative Writing Club Open to All Students [Student Club Spotlight]

  1. Avatar Melissa Kear says:

    What about alumni? 🙂 Can we join in on the group, as well, if we are local?

    1. fsblog fsblog says:

      Melissa: Currently, the club is only open to active students, but I’ve passed your information along to the club coordinator who will be in touch if things change.

      1. Avatar Melissa Kear says:

        Sorry for seeing this so late. Thank you for doing that! 🙂

  2. Avatar Jonathan N Daniella Molina says:

    How is the work load for the Creative Writing Masters of Fine Arts ?

  3. Avatar Lauren says:

    PLEASE make another announcement when you make the club available to online students I WOULD LOVE to do this!

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