New Campus Educational Facility Announced

Full Sail University recently held a groundbreaking event to celebrate the start of construction on the latest addition to our campus, an 86,000 square foot, two-story educational complex. Expected to be completed in Spring 2012, the building will house faculty and staff, as well as additional film/television soundstages and classrooms.

Students, faculty, and members of the media were on-hand to witness the groundbreaking, and hear speeches from Full Sail President Garry Jones and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. The event was also attended by Full Sail Co-Chairmen Bill Heavener and Ed Haddock, Florida State Senator Thad Altman, City of Winter Park Mayor Ken Bradley, and Winter Park City Commissioner Steve Leary.

“It’s been an incredible time for Full Sail University, even through a very tough stretch of recession and difficult financial times for all of us,” said Full Sail President Garry Jones. “We’ve been able to double and in some cases more than doubler growth in the past few years. The degree programs that we’ve had for many years are becoming more popular and recognized, and our graduates have been getting rewarded. And our curriculum development committee has been developing new degrees that keep Full Sail at the cutting edge of technology as it relates to the industries that hire our graduates.”

Speaking to that growth, Jones also noted that Full Sail’s student body has more than doubled since 2008 (from 5,000 to 14,000 full-time students), which has in turn led to an increase in full-time employees (1,550 to 1,900 in the past year).

“I’m amazed at how Full Sail has blossomed over the past 30 years to become an education Mecca where students from all over the world turn their passion for entertainment media into a career,” Mayor Jacobs said onstage during the event.

Also planned for the construction of the building – which was previously an Albertson’s grocery store that was left vacant during the company’s downsizing in 2009 – is the renovation of the building’s facade, which will feature 309 linear feet of blue glass to complement the color palette found throughout the rest of campus.