Networking Boot Camp

On the path to breaking into a career in gaming, there are a lot of skills that students need to master. Having the ability to design, program, or develop an awesome video game is one thing, but all of that talent can only take you so far if you’re not able to connect and relate to other members of the gaming industry.

With that in mind, Full Sail’s Game School recently hosted a Networking Boot Camp series. Presented by Game Design Fundamentals Department Chair Michelle Wess and Career Development’s Industry Outreach Manager Rob Coble, the event spanned the course of three weeks and was designed to help prepare students and graduates with the tools needed to best present themselves – and their ideas – to others.

The first week’s session was called Becming Self-Aware, and focused on the steps that are necessary to identify one’s goals, ambitions, and forms of expression. The second week (Digital Hygiene) talked about good practices and things to keep in mind when creating and maintaining a professional online presence, while the final week (Selling Yourself) gave students and grads tips for, well, selling themselves to potential employers, collaborators, and more.

The series was also welcome to online spectators via a Wimba classroom. Students and grads will also get the opportunity to put some of their networking skills to the test at the Full Sail University Alumni Mixer at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 2.