My First Three Months on the Job: Recording Arts Grad Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy

The first three months out of school are a transitional time for many college graduates, and in this series we check in with Full Sail alumni as they’ve made the initial jump into their industry.

Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy made the long journey to Full Sail campus from his home in Chennai, India to study Recording Arts. Following his graduation in mid-2013, he returned home to launch his own studio in his hometown. 80 Hertz Studios has quickly become a sought-after creative space in the local music community, with Ashwin also branching out into film scores. Here’s a look at first three months out of school.

On leaving Full Sail: After graduation involved me moving back home to India and setting up my own studio. It has been pretty easy switching from being a student to a full time composer with my own space mainly because of the intense, hands-on approach we followed at Full Sail.

About 80 Hertz Studios: 80 Hertz Studios was founded on the belief that cutting edge technology can live in harmony with creativity. Music is no joke and this professional recording and mixing studio exists for the serious musician. I like to be looked at as a designer more than a composer because music is no more just about notations and rules. It’s about envisioning new textures, mangling existing ones, breaking rules, thinking about the sound and giving out something entirely fresh.

Favorite projects: I’m just starting out but I’ve already mixed a major label song for G.V Prakash, who is Oscar-winner A.R. Rahman’s nephew. That was my first project as soon as I opened the studio. Now, I concentrate on being a full time composer, and am also currently in the process of signing a movie deal. That will be my first big banner feature film as music composer and will mark my debut in the Kollywood industry.

Becoming a music professional: It’s a surreal feeling. Sometimes I just go about touching the knobs and faders and keep telling myself it’s not a dream. There’s also the challenge to make every song or score a hit that puts immense pressure, but with challenge comes responsibility and I’m enjoying that. It’s everything I’ve wanted out of a career choice for myself. On top of that, it’s just not a job for me, it’s fun. Everyday is colorful.