Music Producer KamranV on Finding Success in the Industry

He calls himself a producer, but KamranV‘s ties to the music industry span far beyond simply producing: he owns his own recording studio in Los Angeles, consults on music and web-related projects for companies like Hyundai and SONOS, and is launching POP-AUT, a self-service web platform where creators can pay each other automatically.

“All of these things may seem like they’re different and all over the place, but they all work together,” says Kamran. “The projects I juggle all sort of come together, and each of them helps the other.”

After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2000, Kamran went to work at Interscope, where he spent six years focusing on technology-related projects, which included helping to launch the mobile division of Universal.

So what’s his advice for being successful and generating buzz for yourself? “As far as producers, figure out what your thing is and what will make you different,” says Kamran. “Be in the studio as much as possible with people that you actually like. A lot of producers tend to struggle with the idea of ‘What should I be doing?’ as opposed to ‘What I want to do;’ and it tends to be the things they want to do that have better longevity.”

KamranV visits campus tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. (in FS3B-Room 112), where he’ll talk to students about his career path and current projects.