Members of REVOLT TV Speak to Students on Campus

On Monday, October 12, Full Sail University welcomed to campus representatives of REVOLT TV, the music television network owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs that launched in October 2013. The guests were in town for the REVOLT Music Conference, held October 15-18 in Miami, FL.

Hosted by Full Sail’s Career Development department, the campus event was held in the Full Sail Live Venue. REVOLT guest speakers included Kenny Burns (Sr. VP of Brand Development), Jordan Hall (Director of Consumer Content), and Besidone Amoruwa (Director of Marketing). The discussion was moderated by four-time GRAMMY Award-winning engineer and Recording Arts grad Jeff Villanueva.

Kenny, Jordan, and Besidone spoke to students not only about working in the music industry, but also about how to work effectively and realistically toward goals in any realm of the entertainment business.

“You have to bring something to the table that makes someone need you,” said Kenny. “This business isn’t about people helping you.”

He added, “Life is a body of work. The goal is to start this way today, to grow your brand, yourself, your knowledge base, and continue to grow. You’ve got to manage your expectations, and you have to appreciate every step.”

“I want to drive that home,” he emphasized. “Because everybody’s not meant to have it all. It’s not even worth having. I don’t event want it all. What does wealth get you at the end of the day? Are you happy? Do you spend time with your children? Do you smile? Love what you do, and be happy. The dream is real, but manage your expectations.”

“You have to be disciplined and not distracted,” said Besidone. “You have to put your soul so much into your purpose and be so focused on what you want to do, that there is nothing that tells you you can’t do it.”

For the latter half of the event, the guests took questions from students, who lined up to ask about everything from social media marketing and branding to communicating with international artists.



Cami Smith, Career Development’s Industry Relations representative, was thrilled with the event and the response from students. “It went great, and we really appreciate how much time [Kenny, Besidone, and Jordan] spent here, giving back to the students. I was also really happy to hear Besidone speak today because she’s such a strong female character, and she’s so bright. It’s great to have role models like that for our girls here at Full Sail.”




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