May Show Production Final Concert Series

Full Sail Show Production students teamed together shortly before their graduation from the degree program to put together two separate concerts as part of the Show Production Final Concert Series. Held over the course of two days, the concerts took place in Full Sail Live and featured Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Americana outfit the Del Toros and local Orlando rock band Thomas Wynn & the Believers.
Students working the Final Concert Series were responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including the selection of the acts, the creation of the content that was displayed on the venue’s LED wall, and of course, the overall full production of the show.

As part of the Advanced Concert Media Design course, the Show Production Final Concert Series requires students to combine everything they’ve learned about concert audio, lighting, media server and video technologies to produce their own show. Members of the crew function in various production positions, including show marketing, production management, stage management, visual media, audio, video, and lighting technicians and engineers.