March’s Game Project Final Presentations [Play]

March's Game Project Final Presentations [Play]

Gamers: Would you rather battle your enemies in a futuristic galaxy or a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

The two new student games just added to Full Sail’s Game Project Web Portal offer both of those situations. Both were created by Game Art, Game Development, and Game Design Master’s students who graduated in March. The teams presented demos of the games during the Game Project Final Presentations in Full Sail Live.

In the moderate-paced, 3rd person space shooter game Aurora Flux (created by Team Rogue Theory), players are part of a rebel faction that opposes the Intergalactic Defense Force (I.D.F.), and must make their way through waves of enemies to take down the I.D.F’s main power ship before it destroys their home.

Meanwhile over in the post-apocalyptic junkyard that is the setting for Wasteland Mayhem (created by Team Free Refills), players control one of four signature vehicles which they use to take down all of their opponents. The fast-paced, third-person game is in the arena-style combat format.

To see more screenshots, watch the demos, or download and play each of the games, head over to Full Sail’s Game Project Web Portal.