March Game Final Project Presentations

Four student groups from Apt Studio and 2 Hours Out Studio presented the end results of months of hard work, problem-solving, designing, coding, and precision at the Game Project Final Presentations this month. Students, faculty, and family members gathered in the Full Sail Live Venue to check out what students had to offer on the day before their graduation from Full Sail.

King’s Toll is a bloody, dragon-crushing hack and slash title that gives players the chance to impale their enemies with devastating weaponry, as they work their way through the massacre to go head-to-head with the Queen Drake.

The Passage follows the trials and tribulations of a boy striving to earn his place within his tribe. The best way to achieve this goal? Slay the giant, flying Bone Whale, of course.

NeoSlash is a fast-action game that takes place in NeoTokyo. Players must fend off the attacks from invading sea creatures while traveling from rooftop to rooftop in an effort to escape the city before it is destroyed.

Realm of the Fallen Lords is a furiously paced hack-and-slash battle between two rival champions of war. Players must choose their side and determine their own play style. Using a combination of melee, magic, and defensive capabilities, they can dominate their enemies and emerge victorious from the battle.

The Game Project Final Presentations require Game Development students to come together as a team and pitch an idea for a complete game. Once an idea gets approved, they team with Game Art and Recording Arts students to develop the project to its completion and present it before an auditorium of faculty, guests, and students.