Many Full Sail Grads, Staff Worked on ‘The Breaking Point’

Full Sail grad and local film director James Hunter recently wrapped filming for his feature-length crime drama The Breaking Point. The film was shot locally, as well as on Full Sail’s campus, and involved a lot of participation by the Full Sail community.

BP-inlineMore than 20 Full Sail grads served on the crew, and four Full Sail staff members were involved, either behind or in front of the camera.

The Breaking Point deals with the drug trade, corruption, ambition, and a man wrongfully accused of a crime. James, a Film and Entertainment Business master’s grad, said street violence is a world he knows. The young director is wheelchair-bound as a result of being caught in the crossfire of a street fight outside of a club.

“I like movies dealing with real situations,” says James. “I love the underdog story [where the character] goes through the trials and tribulations and comes out victorious. I’ve overcome a heck of a lot to graduate.”

James said he made the film for about $40,000 with money from investors and post-production should be complete in November. He hopes to premiere it in January in Orlando and Miami and secure a limited release distribution.