Lucasfilm Visits Full Sail to Talk Internship Opportunities

Anita Stokes from Lucasfilm returned to Full Sail earlier this month to talk to students about internship opportunities with the popular film and entertainment company. Lucasfilm, home to the Star Wars franchise, was founded by George Lucas in 1971 and acquired by Disney just last month. The Jedi Academy Program is a 12-16 week paid internship that gives students the opportunity to work at Lucasfilm’s offices near San Francisco, California. The program offers various positions across all divisions of the company, including game programming, game art, web development, marketing, project management, and more.

“It was a great, packed presentation,” said Rob Coble, Career Development‘s Game Studies Outreach Manager. “Anita talked about what they look for when they’re reviewing portfolios and resumes for all divisions: gamers, Computer Animation and Digital Arts students, and even Film and Audio students as well.”

Anita told internship applicants that they should be passionate about a specific area rather than apply to every single position. Lucasfilm also looks closely at professional skills in addition to technical skills: They want interns that are going to fit in with their team and that are going to come to San Francisco ready to get to work.

“Anita has been a good friend to Full Sail in the five years that she’s visited,” said Rob. “Her presentations are always really cool because not only does she talk about the different positions at Lucas, but she peppers it with a lot of demo reels and trailers as well. It’s pretty fun to get to see some of the new stuff that [Lucasfilm] is working on.”

To apply for the Jedi Academy Program, students must create an online profile through the Lucasfilm website. The deadline for next summer’s internship program is February 15, 2013.



3 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Visits Full Sail to Talk Internship Opportunities

  1. Avatar Jason Harris says:

    Applied, Of Course since I only have 3 months left in school, I had to apply to the non-internship programs.
    Working at Lucas Arts would be a dream come true. Especially all the chances to eliminate Jedi! 8-D “The Force shall set us free!”

  2. Avatar Nathen "Mongrel" Mathews says:

    I wonder if they would be interested in MPBS? I can do sound design too! Man, that’s the dream!

  3. Avatar Kristin McHam says:

    I love this 🙂

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