Legend 3D Hires Nearly Two Dozen Full Sail Students

San Diego-based digital media technology company Legend 3D was on Full Sail’s campus earlier this month, looking to hire several Full Sail students for entry-level project positions. We’d call their visit a success: They left Florida having offered nearly two dozen students jobs with the company.

“Two years ago, we were able to find all of the quality candidates we needed locally,” says Jeff Brownlee, Legend 3D’s Human Resources Director. “This time around, we really wanted to expand our footprint, and Full Sail has a very good reputation in the industry. We need to have programs such as Full Sail’s that put out high-quality graduates in number for us to meet our demands.”

The company was looking for both digital compositors and stereo conversion artists. They have their own proprietary software for converting 2D footage into 3D film, and they’ve developed a custom evaluation program used for finding hires. Digital compositor candidates spent a day training on NUKE software, while stereo conversion artist candidates were given a crash course on the company’s proprietary software. The following day, applicants were tested on each of the programs and the best were offered project positions with the company. The current number of new Full Sail hires is at 22: seven have already started work and the remaining 15 will begin training in the next couple of weeks.

While the projects students will be working on in the coming months are confidential, the company’s website lists The Amazing Spiderman, Hugo, and Green Lantern as a few of the feature films on their resume.

Legend 3D plans on returning to campus in the future to hopefully hire more Full Sail students. “This is a place to get your start in the industry” says Jeff. “And in my experience getting your first job is the most difficult, so we pride ourselves on that.”

Pictured Above: Members of the Legend 3D team on Full Sail’s campus, from left to right: Matt Kemper, Carlos Garcia, James Prola, Sean McCarty, Adam McKee, Sean Callahan, and Adam Lauwers