Late-Night Show at Full Sail Live: KG Omulo Showcases New Album

Can we officially dub today “Live Music Thursday” at Full Sail? As if a performance from local greats the Legendary JC’s wasn’t enough, students can also catch Afrofunk singer/songwriter and 2004 Full Sail Digital Media graduate KG Omulo at Full Sail Live tonight at 10:00 p.m.

In the midst of his first major U.S. tour promoting his latest release Ayah Ye! Moving Train, Omulo offers a rock-infused, reggae-powered take on Afrobeat and Afropop with a modern pop mindstate that cuts straight to the hook.

Get a feel for what you can expect tonight by checking out the music video for Omulo’s single, “Quality Women.” See you at the show!



One thought on “Late-Night Show at Full Sail Live: KG Omulo Showcases New Album

  1. Avatar Daisy Flowerhead says:

    Ok i am in the 7th grade and i am in the AVID program my asingment was to pick what i want to do when i gow up and i said i want to sing. My AVID teacher ask me what college i want to go to and i said full sail university. My teacher went on the web site and she said this is the best college i’ve seen so far. And i cant wait til I reach 18 to go to this college. Oh and 1 of my friends got accepted in this college and i really apreaciate that u accepted her in this college because she is really talented just like me. Oh and i love to dance the type of dance that the people on shake it up dance like.

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